1). Cheating - Any kind of cheating is against the rules. Meaning fraudulently generating votes. This includes but is not limited to java script alerts. Force voting is also against the rules, you may not make a visitor vote before entering a certain page on the site. 2). Sites - Only Hip-Hop site's may join. If your site is a mp3 site, but you have information on a rapper(s), then you are allowed to join. Warez is allowed as long as you have information on a rapper(s). 3). Misleading Visitors - You may only link to The UrbanTopsites.com site with Graphics and Text links that make it clear to people where they will go when clicking on it. Links saying "Enter Here", "Real Entrance Here", or anything similar are absolutely unacceptable. The following are examples of acceptable text links: "View The UrbanTopSites", "The UrbanTopSites". 4). Site Name & Description - The name you submit for your website title on the list, must be your site's actual name. Names like, "All the best rappers in one site", "We are the best, fuck the rest", are not permitted. Your site's description must be true. Claiming you have certain things and not having them is not allowed. 5). XXX - We don't allow our accounts to have XXX banners, pop-ups, or pictures on their site. Because we realize that webmasters make a lot of money with Porn Ad's, we will continue to allow text links as long as they don't make it hard for people to find the entrance to a page or make up the whole content of the page. If you would like to have porn sections on your site, then make it noticeable to the visitor to choose which entrance he/ she wants to enter, porn or no-porn. 6). Entrance Page - Accounts on The Rap 100 may not have multiple entrance pages. Example is, "Enter Here" going to another site or a sponsor, and then another link stating "Real Entrance" and going to your real entrance. You may only have one entrance page. 7). Begging - Begging people over ICQ, mIRC, AIM, MSN Messenger, or any other chat line for votes by giving them your vote URL. It looks stupid. You can give them your site URL and ask if they like the site to vote. 8). Hidden Frames - Any I-frames or hidden frames that don't enable the visitor to choose and/or see that he is voting for you is prohibited. This activity will be monitored and action will be taken if necessary. 9). Vote - You must have some way for visitors to vote for you. By banner links, button links, and or text links. You can have as many banners, buttons, and or text links as you like, as long as they state where the visitor is going. If a site is found not placing the link on his or her website within the first week of being on ruffryder100.de.ms, then the account will be deleted.
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